Lhasa apso

Fly Fly ''Every Party'' Litter

D.o.b 10.09.2017

Pedigree / Sukutaulu

Sire / Isä


Dam / Emä

Fly Fly Sexy By Nature

Our ''Every Party'' litter was born in Northern Finland, in care of Iina Jussila (Kennel Mioneven).

3 Big boys were born in golden colors. 2 of the boys have been shown as youngsters.

''Puuppa'' has sired 2 litters & ''Yoda'' 1 litter.

Fly Fly Every Party Needs A Pooper


Owner: Family Anttonen

03.03.2019 Pello group speciality Fi, BM2, res CAC

15.09.2018 Oulu group speciality Fi, BM4, res CAC

21.07.2018 Kemi Int Fi, BM3 CAC

Fly Fly Every Party Needs A Pretty Boy


Owners: Maarit Ritari

Yoda was shown couple of times, but sadly his bite is not correct for showing. He is living his best life as family pet!

Yoda has sired 1 litter (2 males) and his puppies has correct bite.

21.07.2018 Helsinki nat Fi, BM1, CAC, BOS

06.05.2018 Tampere Int Fi, BM1, BOB Puppy