What's Fly Fly about

..Not All puppies are born stars in the show world, but every single of them are important and loving

family members!

We believe all dogs deserve a title of ''sofa winners'' or ''heart winners'' and should be treated

as a true superstars!..

If you have a empty place in your heart, and fall in love with..

..one of our puppies..

..one of our adult dogs..

..some of our future plans..

..or just our dogs..

don't hesitate to contact us!

We are mother & daughter power team who has fell in love with Lhasa apsos and Shih tzus.

Our coal is to breed happy, healthy and beautiful dogs, and give them a great life.

We are a team who loves new adventures.

Milli - the mother - has been with the dogs since she was just a teen. She bred her first litter when she was just

14 years old. The passion for a pure bred dogs has just gronw from that moment on.

Mimmi - the daughter - got her first dog, a lhasa apso, when she was just 14 years old. She learned the coats

the hard way - a first lhasa didn't have a easy coat. But that made her just more focused on the coals.

The first lhasa apso litter was born under kennel name Fly Fly at 2012.

The story has just started.