Lhasa apso

Fly Fly ''BABY'' Litter

D.o.b 10.12.2014

Pedigree / Sukutaulu

Sire / Isä

Fly Fly Rush Of Love

Dam / Emä

Fly Fly Party At Shenedene

We had 2 litters about 2 weeks apart. Emily gave us 4 beautiful boys and 1 girl, all golden in color. One of the boys moved to France,

3 boys stayed in Finland / one was shown and the girl moved to Sweden. Little later the girl came back to us from Sweden. She found new and

rest of the life home in Poland.

Fi Ch, Ee Ch, Balt JCh, Ee JCh, Lv JCh, Lt JCh

Fly Fly Baby Boogie Woogie


Owner: Maarit Myllyniemi, Finland

05.10.2019 Tuulos group speciality Fi, BM1, BOS

30.04.2017 Rakvere all breed Ee, BM5, CAC, Finnish Champion, Estonian Champion

01.05.2016 Tampere INT FI, BM4, CAC

27.03.2016 Lappeenranta int Fi, Res CAC, BOS Junior

14.02.2016 Ogre group speciality LV, BM4, JCAC, Latvian Junior Champion, Baltic Junior Champion

31.01.2016 Kaunas all breed LT, JCAC, BOB Junior, Lithuanian Junior Champion

30.01.2016 Kaunas all breed Lt, JCAC, BOB Junior

18.11.2015 Rakvere all breed EE, BM1, JCAC, BOS Junior, BOS, Estonian Junior Champion

26-27.10.2015 Tallinn all breed EE, 2x BOS Junior, 2x JCAC

13.09.2015 Porvoo all breed Fi, BM3, Res CAC

30.08.2015 Helsinki group speciality Fi, BOS Puppy

29.08.2015 tervakoski Int Fi, BM1, BOB Puppy

02.08.2015 Pori Int Fi, BM1, BOB Puppy

11.07.2015 Nastola group speciality Fi, BM1, BOB Puppy

10.05.2015 Lahti puppy show Fi, BM1, BOB Puppy

03.05.2015 Rakvere all breed EE, BM1, BOB Baby

02.05.2015 Rakvere all breed EE, BM1, BOB Baby, BEST IN SHOW 3 Baby

Fly Fly Baby So Fly


Owner: Laurence Didier, Fr

08.01.2016 Paris all breed FR, BOB Junior

02.08.2015 Saint Martin Au Laert FR, BM1, BOB Puppy

18.07.2015 all breed FR, BM1, BOS Puppy

20.06.2015 all breed FR, BM1, BOB Puppy

07.06.2015 Dijon all breed Fr, BM1, BOB Baby

14.05.2015 Evreux FR, BM1, BOB Baby

All Breed BEST IN GROUP Winner, BEST IN SHOW Veteran Placer

Pl Ch, Ru Ch, RKF Ch, Ee Ch, Rsb Ch, Mne Ch, Mne GCh

Fly Fly Be My Baby


Owner: Kennel Fly Fly & Monique Sosna, Pl

10.06.2023 Pl, BOB Veteran, BEST IN SHOW 2 Veteran

22.05.2023 Gniazdow all breed, PL, BOB Veteran, BOB, BEST IN SHOW 3 Veteran

21-22.10.2021 Geneve, Switzerland, 3x BOB, Swiss Show Champion, ALpen Winner 2021

29.08.2021 Fehraltorf, Switzerland, BB1, CAC, BOB (didn't stay for groups)

27.08.2021 Fehraltorff, Switzerland, CAC, res CACIB

09.06.2019 Byton Int Pl, BB2, CAC out of 18, Polish Champion-

24.11.2018 Kaliningrad all breed RU, BB1, CAC, BOS, Russian Champion, RKF Champion

03.09.2018 Montenegro Int, BB1, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Montenegro Champion, Montenegro Grand Champion

02.09.2018 Montenegro Int, BB1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BEST IN GROUP

19.05.2018 group speciality PL, BB1, CAC, BOS

08.04.2018 Int Serbia, BB1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

07.04.2018 Int Serbia, BB1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

27.01.2018 Narva all breed EE, BB1, CAC, BOS, Estonian Champion

01.10.2017 Poland, BB1, CAC, BOS

02.04.2017 Zajecar Int Rs, BB1, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Serbian Champion

01,04.2017 Jagodina Int Rs, BB1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

19.02.2017 Panevezys all breer LT, BB1, NCAC, BOS

18.02.2017 Panevezys all breed LT, CAC